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Some Common Problems

Dryer takes a very long time to dry clothes: Normal dry times are 45-60 minutes. The dryer gets air from the room. This air gets heated and blows through the clothing and exhausts through the vent. The vent can restrict airflow by getting kinked,squashed, blocked by nests from animals, blocked with water condensed in an unheated part of the house, and the cap cage protector plugged with lint to name a few. When the vent gets restricted, the temperature gets higher inside the dryer than it should. This triggers safety thermostats that turn off the heat. The dryer just tumbles with no air flow or heat. This increases your dry times and your electric bill.

Dishwasher leaks water on the floor periodically: The dishwasher door is not usually sealed along the bottom so that the dishwasher can get air from the room to convect up through the heating coil, dishes and out the vent at the top of the door. If we get suds (like a bubble bath) in the machine, the suds remain in the tub just as the would with the bubble bath. With lots of suds, the water level gets higher in the machine than it is supposed to. The wash arm will blow this water up into the door and eventually it will come out on the floor. Soft water produces more suds with detergent than hard water. It is important to measure the amount of detergent that goes into the machine. I usually advise people with water softeners to only put 1/3 of the detergent that the dispenser will hold. The newer pods on the market can not be measured.

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